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09 October 2020

An exotic bracelet, adored with fragments of a wing from the amazingly colorful moth Chrysiridia rhipheus (Madagascar)


This visually attractive butterfly, has it's wings built in a unique way, with little scales covering the surface. Thanks to this, the surface of the wings shimmer under the influence of light. The wings of the Chrysiridia rhipheus were often used as jewelery and decorations during the Victorian era. 


The azure rings in the bracelet are made out of stainless steel, the rest of the elements from a non-allergenic alloy of metals. 


The length of the bracelet with the extender is 18,5 cm 

The length of the bracelet without the extender is 16,5 cm 


During the creation of this design, no insect has been harmed. All of the insects used in my works have lived out their natural life span. The butterflies are being raised on special farms, which work according to the rules of sustainable development. Buying butterflies and other insects from such farms, helps protect the natural environment of thousands of species. 



Parrot Bracelet