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06 October 2020

This beautiful frame for home decoration has two butterflies of the Papilio machaon species encased behind glass. The one on top is a male and the one on the bottom is female. 


Both butterflies are in perfect shape, they have beautiful and intensive colors. The frame in the size of 23x27 cm, made of high quality pine wood and milled for decorative effect. The frame has been hand-painted into a deep brown color.


Frame size:  23 cm x 27 cm


During the creation of this design, no insect has been harmed. All of the insects used in my works have lived out their natural life span. The butterflies are being raised on special farms, which work according to the rules of sustainable development. Buying butterflies and other insects from such farms, helps protect the natural environment of thousands of species. 

Old World swallowtail (Papilio machaon)