My name is Luiza.


I created project "Framed Nymph" out of longing for everyday contact with nature. Living in the city it is hard to get in touch with the wild elements of the world. 

As long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by the process od drying plants, so that their beauty can be preserved for a longer period. A well-preserved plant can remind us about spring, when the sky is gray in autumn and on the other hand remind us about the colours of Autumn, when everything is green in Spring. 


The day I first encountered the craft of preserving butterflies, I felt a surge of passion and I just had to learn how to do it myself. At first I've only created house decorations, but soon I felt I wanted to craft jewelry using the little pieces of magic that mother nature gave me. The journey to perfect and master my craft has been a challenging one, yet every step I took on the path was fascinating. 


These days I perfect my craft by working on more challenging projects. Every day I try to find new ways and let my inspiration flow, to create the most unqieu and fantastic designs. 



Here, you will find hand-made jewelry made of butterfly wings and fragments of hand-picked and correctly preserved plants. There are also fantastic house decorations in the form of preserved insects, encased in elegant, solid, wooden frames.
I'm a perfectionist by heart, high quality and aesthetics of my work is very important to me. Most of my creations are one time projects, created on a whim of inspiration. 

Framed Butterflies